Voters warned to check the register online or at local council offices

Voters who applied to be put on the supplementary register of electors are being warned to check that they are now officially eligible to vote in next months general election.

The updated register for this year only becomes valid on the 15th of February, some days after the election will have taken place.

People who have already applied to be on the register in the last number of months, and anyone with a concern that they may not be on it, are being told to check online at or at their local council offices.

Supplementary application forms are available online or from council offices and completed forms must be returned on or before next Wednesday the 22nd of January.

The deadline for the supplement to the Postal and Special Voters Lists is today when completed forms must be received by local councils.

Former Roscommon councillor Michael Scally told the Joe Finnegan show today it’s important that people who have applied for addition to the register some months ago don’t assume they are on the official list as yet.