Visiting restrictions lifted at Roscommon hospital

Visiting restrictions have been lifted at Roscommon hospital from this afternoon.

Hospital Manager Mary Garvey confirmed the lifting of the temporary measures which have been in place at the hospital for the past week due to outbreaks of flu.

The hospital manager says there are still cases of flu in the community and they are still asking visitors not to visit patients for at least five days after they have recovered from a flu of a cold.


Mary Garvey says that visitors are also reminded that visiting will be strictly limited to the official visiting hours , from 2 to 4pm and from half past six to half past eight in the evening.

Meanwhile Mullingar hospital has once again issued a statement today warning that the hospital emergency department continues to be extremely busy with increased incidences of flu and respiratory illness.

Management at Mullingar are asking people not to visit unless absolutely necessary, and not to bring children if at all possible.