Tarmonbarry garda station should be used as community resource centre

Tarmonbarry Councillor Tom Crosby says the former garda station in the village will make a very important resource centre for use by the local community.

The Independent councillor was speaking after it was announced yesterday that the OPW is offering Tarmonbarry, and three other vacant stations in the county, to Roscommon council on a 20 year lease arrangement.

The idea is that the local councils can then lease the buildings to local community groups who may want to use them.


Councillor Crosby says Tarmonbarry is one of the fastest growing villages in the county rising from 100 residents in 2005 to around 1000 now, and it badly needs a resource centre.

Roscommon County Council has said it has no comment to make on the offer from the OPW at this time but speaking on the Let’s Talk show this afternoon Councillor Crosby says he’s confident that the project will go ahead.