Study: Scattered hotel ‘major financial challenge’ for Boyle

A feasibility study has found establishing a ‘scattered hotel’ in Boyle would be a ‘major financial challenge’.

It concludes in the absence of state funding, there’s little appetite among property owners to invest in the redevelopment of their respective properties as such accommodation.



Boyle Town Team is exploring a concept that’d involve refurbishing some property owners’ accommodation to Bord Fáilte-approved standard.

If implemented, a company would be established to run this scattered hotel, which would have a central communal area.

Galway firm Bane Mullarkey carried out a pre-development study for the Albergo Diffuso project in Boyle, which it’s hoped would compensate for the lack of a traditional hotel.

In its detailed report, it notes ten property owners have expressed an interest in using their properties for a ‘scattered hotel’.

But the study finds that of the nine property owners interviewed, only two state they would still be interested if no grant aid was available to support the renovation of their properties.

Four were clear that without potential tax breaks also, they wouldn’t be interested.

While noting the ‘major financial challenge’ the project would present, numerous positives were also noted about Boyle’s ability to deliver a ‘scattered hotel’.

It says there are plenty of potential properties that can be used and that a maximum distance of 200 metres between the communal services and bedrooms can be achieved.

It says space within King House or its courtyard area could potentially be suitable to house the central reception office, as could other vacant properties in the centre of the town.

It also notes Boyle could benefit from ‘first-mover- advantage’, being the first town in Ireland to adopt the model.