Rescued Kepak sheep arrive safely at vegan animal sanctuary

Ten sheep rescued in Co. Roscommon have been released from a slaughterhouse to an animal sanctuary in what may be the first case of its kind.

Nine of the sheep were rescued from a flooded Kepak field in Athleague by kayak.

Another sheep, named Sally by the Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary, was taken by speedboat to the slaughterhouse where she was reportedly in a “weak state”.

The sanctuary negotiated for her release and at 11am on Tuesday 4th of September, all ten sheep were released to them.

The animals have now arrived safely at Eden and have been tended to by a vet.

Some of the sheep are reported to have had conjunctivitis and others had long standing eye infections. They were treated with antibiotics, analgesics and parasite treatments.

Eden would like to thank everyone who supported the campaign and are appealing for donations to allow them to continue caring for their 160 rescued animals.

Image: Flooded field in Athleague