All routes proposed for Ballymurray and Knockcroghery bypass have constraint issues


Consultants working on plans for bypass of Ballymurray and Knockcroghery say there are constraints between all the routes that are proposed

Six options for a new route from just outside Roscommon town to beyond St John’s Church are being presented at a public consultation event continuing this evening.

One of the routes is an entirely new road on the outskirts of Mote Park through Corboley to the south of Knockcroghery and Leacarrow.

There is also a second route that bypass both villages with it and other options trans intersecting the existing N61.

There is also an option running along the rail line from Portrunney through Toberreoge and Gailey.

Four options meet the existing N61 at Cullen.

Engineers from Roughan & O’ Donovan – Aecom Alliance are meeting the public again this evening until 8pm.

Director at Roughan & O’ Donovan, Jim Thorpe says all routes have their issues and they need the public to inform them of issues that they may not be aware of.