Roscommon undertakers paid by over €17k last year by County Council

Roscommon County Council paid undertakers in the county just under €17,000 last year for various services.

One undertaker accounted for the majority of the money, receiving a payment of 13,500 for services.

County Councils can employ undertakers for a variety of services – including so-called ‘pauper’s funerals’ where they can pay for the cost of s funeral and burial when a person dies with no surviving relatives.


Undertakers are also asked to attend the scene of fatal road crashes or at incidents of sudden death.

In 2017, Roscommon County Council paid out €17,342 to undertakers in the county- with mileage accounting for €11,221.22 of the total.

Other items billed for include body bags, a minimum undertaker charge and various undertaker services.

In total during 2017, 13 undertakers in the county received payments from the Council.

Last year eight undertakers billed the Council for services – with the largest amount paid out to Gaynors Funeral services who accounted for €13,501 of the total of €16,757

Undertaker services last year accounted for €9,000 of the total cost, with mileage expenditure totaling €4,209.