Roscommon people have to travel farthest for emergency services, says CSO

People in Co. Roscommon have to travel the farthest for A&E services compared to all over counties, a recent CSO study has revealed.

It highlighted sizeable differences in accessing services across rural and urban regions, and revealed major access issues for residents in Roscommon in particular.

Figures from the ‘Measuring Distance to Everyday Services in Ireland’ report found that rural distances were at least three times greater for most services.

It noted that people in Co. Roscommon and Co. Leitrim had higher average distances to most everyday services, along with Donegal, Mayo and Galway County.

The report revealed one in three people in Roscommon were more than 50km from an emergency department – the highest rate in any county – followed by Donegal and Clare.

According to the report, half of the people living in the county have to travel 5km or more to visit a GP, followed by Monaghan and Leitrim at 48% and 43% respectively.

The highest proportions of the population living 10km or more from a GP location were also in Roscommon at 15%.

Six out of ten people nationwide live within 2km of a post office, although there were wide differences across the country, from lows of 29% in Roscommon to 97% in Dublin City.

The report notes that sixty four per cent of people Leitrim were 10km from a 24-hour Garda Station, the second highest figure in the country after Galway County, while over half of residents in the county have to travel over 5km for a pharmacy.

It also collated figures for recreational services, with the lowest proportion of residents within 2km of an outdoor sports facility found in Roscommon at 50% with Leitrim just behind at 47%.