Roscommon County Council launches new tourism website

Roscommon County Council has launched its new tourism website and branding for the county. introduces the visitor to the 4 themed experiences to discover in Roscommon – Heritage, Water, Trails and Activities.

Launched in King House on Friday night, the new logo for Roscommon tourism, captures the key elements of the county’s tourism products.


It shows a Celtic weave symbol referring to Roscommon’s rich heritage of great tribes, wealthy chieftains and dynastic families.

It also represents a water element which surrounds the county, and fish jumping throughout the waterways.

The centre feature acts as a portal to the memories of Roscommon – it also includes a reference to the trails and landscapes of the county and the historical sites.

The new website was designed by JDK Design, Embark on a journey of discovery as you explore the Land of Memories – the tag line on the new around the concept of the new tourism brand, it details attractions under the themes of heritage, water, trails and activities. it offers a planning portal and you can view through the north mid and south of the county.

The new brochure, Explore Roscommon, details the offering of the website and also provides the visitor with a detailed colourful map of all tourism activities available throughout the county.]