Roscommon council’s insurance claims doubled last year

The amount paid by Roscommon County Council’s insurers for public-liability claims almost doubled last year, with settlements of nearly €1.1 million finalised.

The average pay-out of the 102 settlements made in 2017 was nearly €10,500.



Details released under the Freedom of Information Act show Roscommon County Council’s insurers, Irish Public Bodies, settled nearly €1,071,000’s worth of claims in 2017 – an 82-per-cent increase on the €588,325 finalised in 2016.

The number of claims settled also increased in the same time-frame, from 87 to 102.

The top cause of claims finalised last year was, unusually, pollution, amounting to €270,723 – all of which was paid in the second quarter of the year.

No amount had been paid for pollution in either 2015 or 2016.


Nearly €233,000’s worth of claims were settled over personal accidents last year, while €169,000 was paid because of road-related issues.

Twenty-five claims relating to pothole motor damage were settled, at a total cost of €4,700.

In the second quarter of last year, claims amounting to €16,500 were made because of flooding issues.

The council notes the €1.07 million in claims for 2017 refers to a combination of public and employers liability, motor claims and other categories.

It says in 2015, the total claims settled was €945,000 and the figure for 2016 is low compared to the previous year.

Meanwhile, Irish Public Bodies settled 21 claims for Leitrim County Council last year, with the total cost being €650,885.

The average cost of each case was nearly €31,000, including legal and other fees associated with the claims, as well as the cost of the award.