Roscommon councillors believe Cuisle closure was decided long ago

Councillors in Roscommon say they believe the decision to close Cuisle was made a long time ago.

Director of Housing at the Irish Wheelchair Association met with members who held a special meeting of the council today to discuss the closure at the end of the month.

Responding to questions, Tony Cunningham said that while members are consulted on an ongoing basis about policy, they were never specifically asked about closing Cuisle.

He says until the issue arose over a need for rewiring they were satisfied to operate the hotels model with a dedicated centre, but that now even in the absence of widespread consultation, the Board needed to make a decision.

He also confirmed that there are no contracts in place with any hotels to provide alternative holidays.

Councillor Valierie Byrne, who called for the meeting, says there was a sense that closing Cuisle was part of an overall plan, similar to that of the A&E at Roscommon Hospital: