Roscommon councillor welcomes works planned for Lough Funshinagh

Roscommon councillor Lawrence Fallon is warmly welcoming news of works which are to take place at Lough Funshinagh in the coming months.

News of the development came at the weekend flood conference in Athlone organised by the voluntary group the Irish National Flood Forum.

Minister Kevin Boxer Moran announced news of a major plan of work from Athlone to Meelick on the Shannon which will see work at 18 separate pinch points carried out over the next five years at an estimated cost of around €6 million euro.


He also announced work on pilot schemes in a number of counties including Roscommon, Longford and Leitrim.

Councillor Lawrence Fallon says he hopes the work being proposed will bring relief to the families living in local areas.

Meanwhile Roscommon woman Kathleen Connolly is expressing concern about where the water from the Shannon in Athlone will go once the new flood defences are installed.

She says she is fearful that the water will spread onto farmlands and onto areas, like where her brother Jim lives near Summerhill.

Kathleen says her brother who is 85 had to come and stay with her for several months after 2015.

She says he still went off in waders each day to look after livestock there and she was very concerned for his safety.

Speaking to Shannonside News at the flood conference on Saturday, Kathleen says she doesn’t want his house to be flooded again as a result of defences which will be built at Athlone.