Roscommon Councillor wants clarity on LEADER presence at Curraghboy office

Roscommon County Council is to clarify if there is a representative of Roscommon LEADER based at the company’s offices in Curraghaboy.

Councillor Tony Ward had sought clarification from its CEO, following concerns raised locally that a representative was no longer working from the offices in the village.

However, he was unsuccessful in getting a response.

Councillor Ward told this week’s meeting of the council, that maintaining a public presence in Curraghaboy was one of the conditions on which he had based his support for amalgamation of the two companies under the new county-wide structure in 2009.

Director of Services Majella Hunt has informed councillors that she will clarify the current situation vis-a-vis the working location of the staff member in South Roscommon.

Councillor Ward says there are good reasons for maintaining a public presence in south Roscommon: