Roscommon Councillor calls for compromise to be found on Heritage Bill hedgerow proposals

There are calls for more facts to determine if a compromise should be found on legislation to shorten the ban on cutting hedgerows and burning scrublands.

The Heritage Bill has generated much opposition from the wildlife and environmental groups for its proposal to extend the timeframe for trimming hedges by two months.

If passed by the Seanad and signed into law, a pilot scheme will operate whereby the ban from April to September would be reduced, cutting would be allowed through March and begin again from August 1st.


Limitations on burning scrubland have also been relaxed by a month, with burning now allowed in March.

The new law would not come into effect though, until 2019.

Councillor Laurence Fallon, a farmer from south Roscommon, says if the government is to look at a compromise, it should do so based on facts: