Roscommon Council spent €3.7m in second quarter of 2018

Roscommon County Council spent €3.7million in the second quarter of this year – including over half a million euro on one roadworks project.

€21,000 was also spent on photocopying bills between April and June this year as well as €20,000 on salt deliveries.

The single biggest expenditure by Roscommon County Council in the quarter was a contract worth €822,000 which was paid to Wills Brothers for a road construction project.


Roadstone Limited was paid €556,636 for road surfacing overlay works.

The purchase of fire vehicles cost the council €227,107, while playground equipment also cost the Council €34,000.

A software licence contract from the Ordnance Survey cost €75,000 while a total of five public lighting contracts cost €161,000

In total the council paid out €3.7million between April and June – twice of its outlay in the same time period last year when it was €1.8million.