Revealed: Results of local BowelScreen programme

Ten people who took part in the BowelScreen programme at Roscommon University Hospital last year were found to have cancer.

Last year, the hospital performed a total of 207 colonoscopies, with polyps discovered in 107 cases.

The figures are contained in the annual cancer report published by the Saolta Hospital Group, which also operates Portiuncula, Sligo and Galway university hospitals.

The Ballinasloe hospital claims to diagnose an average of between 90 and 100 colorectal cancer patients per year, while by the end of last year, up to 600 patients had attended BowelScreen appointments in Sligo University Hospital.

Sixty-three people from the Shannonside region also availed of the Cancer Care West support centre for families of patients receiving cancer care at UGH.

A total of 28 people from Leitrim, and 35 from Roscommon were among the 344 people in total who availed of the service where families can stay with patients for the duration of their radiotherapy treatments in specially adapted room.