Residents of Roscommon’s Sacred Heart Hospital to be moved during renovation works

The HSE has confirmed that it intends to move residents temporarily out of wards in the Sacred Heart hospital in order to complete significant renovation works.

The announcement of the planned works comes after a HIQA inspection in January found seven non-compliances at the Roscommon facility.

This unannounced inspection took place on the 16th of January when there were 84 residents at the hospital.

A total of 27 areas or outcomes were inspected with seven being deemed non-compliant, and five ‘substantially compliant’ with the remaining fifteen complaint according to the inspector.

Concern was expressed that the receptionist was only rostered to work two days a week which “meant the entrance was largely unsupervised” and that two staff on catering duty in the dining room of one ward were normally engaged in carer roles.

The inspector was also unhappy that residents continued to be admitted to the centre despite planed refurbishment works and issues around the premises itself, including the use of the visitors room as a smoking area.

Responding to the report, the HSE claimed that it was going to examine rosters to provide additional staffing cover and the smoking room issue was resolved.

It also confirmed that the nature of disruption required for the fire safety renovation works would be greater if day-to-day operations continued and the works are proposed to be completed in a phased basis with periods where one or both units may be closed/vacant and residents may be moved to other wards, or possibly temporary relocation.

The HSE also said that all temporary relocations will be discussed with residents to achieve an agreed arrangement.

A design team for a new 50 bed unit has also been established with Hiqa noting that a condition for the operation of the facility is that the centre is upgraded and the new 50 place centre completed by 31 December 2021 in line with the letter submitted to the office of the Chief Inspector on 11 June 2018.]