Report finds car almost hit by train at Roscommon level crossing

A new report has found that a car came within feet of being struck by an Irish rail train at a level crossing in Knockcroghery in Roscommon last January.

A report issued by the Railway Accident Investigation Unit has found that a crash was only just avoided after a vehicle became trapped between the gates of the level crossing

The incident involved two cars initially driving past warning lights and then getting trapped inside the yellow hatched markings.


The barrier was slightly raised to allow one vehicle to reverse out to safety, but the other car was trapped inside the yellow box and was only feet from the train when it passed by but no-one was injured in the incident.

The report found that both drivers had not observed the rules of the road by not stopping for amber or red flashing lights signalling a train was approaching.

Neither driver was identified by investigators.

The report also recommends changes to the placement of CCTV cameras at the level crossing, and additional training for level crossing operators