Psychiatric expert giving evidence in Boyle man’s murder trial

The prosecution is due to call a psychiatric expert to give evidence this morning in the trial of a man accused of murdering his girlfriend in Sligo.

Oisín Conroy, who’s from Boyle in Co. Roscommon, has pleaded not guilty to Natalie McGuinness’ murder by reason of insanity.


Just before the prosecution called its first witness yesterday, Mr. Justice Tony Hunt described the case as “unusual”. He told the jurors they weren’t being asked to consider the guilt of the accused in the usual way.
Oisín Conroy killed Natalie McGuinness, and that’s not being disputed, but he told them they’d have to decide whether he was criminally insane when he strangled her.
The court heard it happened on the morning of Oct 28th 2015 at Mr. Conroy’s flat on Mailcoach Road in Sligo.

He told gardai and psychiatric experts afterwards, he felt he had no choice but to kill her to get her ‘out of the matrix’.

One such expert, Dr Fiona Toll, was called to give evidence on behalf of the defence yesterday, and she concluded he did fulfil the criteria for the special verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity.

Ms Tara Byrnes will call her own evidence on behalf of the prosecution later this morning.