Pipe replacement in Roscommon will lead to road closures

Road works are on going on Abbey Street, Co. Roscommon as pipes under the road are being replaced.

The works are being under taken by Irish Water and will move from Abbey Street to Church Steeet, Goff Steet and on to the Athlone Rd.

At present there are two old water mains in Roscommon which will be replaced by one pipe.

The replacement will minimize the chances of burst or leaking pipes in the town and will also improve water quality as old lead and cast iron pipes will be replaced.

Road closures will be in place as the works moves up the town.

Abbey street is still accessible however the only pedestrian entrances are from McNeil’s shop or from the old Motor Tax Office.

Some Abbey Street business have reported a decline in footfall since the works began.

Dave Murphy, Lead with Irish Water on the Lead Pipe Replacement Fund says there will be definite impact for businesses effected by the works.