Paint plan unveiled for Boyle town businesses

A town centre building colour scheme has been devised for the town of Boyle as plans continue for the rejuvenation of certain areas.

The colour scheme would apply to buildings on Main Street, St Patricks Street and part of Bridge Street where it’s hoped the revitalisation can start.

A consultant from Fleetwood paints worked in conjunction with Boyle Town Team to come up with colour choices which would give commercial properties more impact than residential ones on the streets.


Details of the Boyle 2040 rejuvenation plan are due to be announced in the coming weeks and the town team says there are several “shovel ready” schemes in the town if the necessary funding can be accessed.

In the meantime it has been decided to try to improve the general look of the town, and any building owner is being asked to consult the scheme document before painting their premises.

Town Team Chairman Brian Nerney says no one is obliged to take note of the suggestions but he hopes people will see it’s in their interests to get involved.