Orla Leyden says she will not campaign as ‘sweeper’ in General Election

Roscommon Councillor Orla Leyden says she’ll be campaigning to take a Fianna Fail seat in Roscommon Galway and has no intention of taking part in the election just to gather votes.

The Fianna Fail Councillor was chosen to be added to the party ticket yesterday to join Deputy Eugene Murphy was elected to the Dail for the first time four years ago.

There was controversy surrounding the addition of a late candidate in the constituency in 2016 and it’s likely that this move will also cause some friction between the two-party representatives.

Speaking to Shannonside FM Councillor Orla Leyden says she was totally surprised and honoured to be added to the general election ticket and she intends to campaign vigorously to take a seat for the party in Roscommon Galway: