A new report has revealed that it rained for 62% of the time last year in County Roscommon

Over all there were 226 days with rain in the county.

The report from Met Eireann has shown that the weather station at Mount Dillion in Roscommon recorded just under 963.5 mm of rain in 2018.

The wettest day was the 8th of June when 30.9 mm of rain fell.

Mount Dillion also recorded 24 days consecutive days with no rain between the 20th of June to the 13th of July, compared to Dublin which had 29 days without rain.

For five days in June Roscommon experienced a heatwave of temperatures of over 25 degrees Celsius.

The longest number of consecutive days with temperatures above 25 degrees was 11 and was reported in Carlow.

The mean average temperature for Roscommon was just under 9.7 degrees and the highest temp was 30.5 degrees and the lowest air temperature was -6.7.