New community group hopeful that Cuisle will re-open in the future

A new community group says it’s hopeful that its plan will see Cuisle in Roscommon re-opened in the future.

The Cuisle Alliance, a community-led organization has been formed to progress the works programme required at the centre in Donamon and provide for all respite groups including IWA.

The Cuisle Alliance consists of but is not limited to representation from the voluntary, community & business sectors.

In a press release issued today, it says it’s aiming to identify and set up a suitable and appropriate Legal Entity to manage, coordinate and carry out the daily requirements of Cuisle going forward.

It wants secure an interim 12-month lease from Divine Word Missionaries to agree a 25-year lease on the basis of the initial 12 month lease being successful

It will then develop an initial 18-month plan to resolve the existing Health & Safety issues and develop a new 5-year Business Plan including all potential stakeholders.

The Alliance is seeking to put in place an overall restructure and re-branding of the centre; while it will facilitate the the target group/IWA users it will also diversify to different markets and targets groups, to include delivery of the Hidden Heartlands agenda in a bid to ensure overall and long-term viability.

The next steps are to put in place a service provision review group as outlined in letter from the Irish Wheelchair Association to the Joint Committee on Health

It’s also drafting an interim lease agreement and wants to source the drawings drafted for the building renovations required as a matter of urgency.

The Alliance says that they are in the community for the community and will work with the landlord to provide a service that everyone is proud of. Their intention is to work with all respite groups including IWA where possible.