MEP Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan waiting on daughter’s Covid-19 test result

Roscommon-based MEP Luke Ming Flanagan says the family are continuing in self isolation while they wait for the results of his daughter’s coronavirus test.

The MEP who’s been calling for a total lockdown to stop the spread of the virus said his daughter had been tested in a centre in Roscommon a few days after they initially contacted their GP to say she had flu-like symptoms.

Luke Ming says they attended the centre on Saturday morning in Roscommon and are now waiting to get the results.


He says the family has been in isolation in the meantime in order to prevent the spread if the test turns out to be positive.

The Roscommon politician says he had to get medicine at a chemist last Wednesday but the shop owner brought the bag of product outside for him to collect, and since then they haven’t seen anyone other than at a distance of several metres: