Mental health professionals will only return from abroad if pay restored, says Castlerea GP

A Castlerea GP says restoring pay and better terms and conditions are the only way that mental health professionals will return from abroad to work in Ireland.

The waiting list for adolescent mental health services has shown that over 2,200 children are currently waiting to be seen by a mental health professional.

Over 350 children are waiting to avail of services in the area, which includes Longford. It’s the second highest number in the country with over 150 waiting between 3 months and a year.

Sligo, Leitrim and the West Cavan region have the third highest number on the list at 275, and just under half of these young people are seen within 3 and 6 months.

Meanwhile the Roscommon, Mayo and Galway regions have the lowest number of patients for any region in the country at 22. The waiting time is usually up to 12 weeks.

While there are 71 teams around the country, 14 positions are vacant, and 32 consultant psychiatrists are working on a temporary basis.

Dr. Madeleine Ní Dhalaigh, wants the government to better resource medical health teams: