Local GP calls on sporting organisations to play their part on Covid-19 guidelines

A Shannonside Northern Sound GP is calling on the GAA and other sporting organizations to play their part in promoting best practice in relation to public health guidelines.

Former President of the IMO Martin Daly is responding after reports of large gatherings where social distancing was not necessarily being maintained after matches and within closed spaces.

It comes with the latest information on Covid 19 rates across the region, Longford’s Covid rate, that is the rate of cases per 100,000 of population, is 39.1, in Monaghan it’s 37.5, Leitrim is at 34.3 and  Cavan’s rate is at 21.0 today.

However, Roscommon’s 14-day rate has risen sharply, with the figure of 54.2 reflecting a reported 14 new cases of the virus in the county since the beginning of this week

Ballygar GP Martin Daly says there is increasing concern over the capacity within hospitals and for patients who are already facing lengthy waiting times for non-Covid conditions.

He says each individual has a part to play in adhering to the public health advice, especially sporting organizations.

Dr Daly also says while many publicans are ensuring that they are following all the guidelines, he has heard reports of some clearly flouting them and allowing numbers, over the capacity regulations, on their premises.

He says it’s unfair and the authorities cannot allow those situations continue.