Local campaigner denies medicinal cannabis would be a gateway drug

A local campaigner for the legalisation of medicinal cannabis has denied it’s a gateway drug for harder drugs.

Kenny Tynan turned down chemotherapy and radiation treatment from doctors in Beaumont Hospital after being diagnosed last November with a recurrence of a brain tumour.

Instead the father of four from Ballyforan in South Roscommon travelled to a clinic in Barcelona to avail of cannabis treatment there.


Speaking on the Let’s Talk Show he said that after his time at the clinic he had lots more energy and went from taking 15 tablets a day when he fly out, down to 5 on his return home.

Kenny, was speaking after Health Minister Simon Harris granted a special licence for 7 year-old Ava Twomey who suffers from a severe form of epilepsy to use medicinal cannabis.

He denied that the introduction of medicinal cannabis would be abused and see the drug being used as a gateway drug.