Leitrim Councillors call on public to oppose fracking in Northern Ireland

Leitrim councillor Mary Bohan is calling on members of the public to make a submission to the Department of the Economy in the north stating their opposition to an application for a fracking licence from Tamboran Resources.

The Fianna Fail councillor made the call at the Annual General meeting of Leitrim County Council where she also successfully proposed a motion calling on the council to make an official submission in opposition to the application before the deadline of July 5TH.

Leitrim council had agreed a proposals to ban fracking in the county and register it in the county development plan in January of 2014 after Tamboran had applied for a licence to explore the north Leitrim area in 2011.


The Irish government went on to pass legislation banning the controversial practice in June of 2017.

Councillor Mary Bohan says the fact that Tamboran has now applied for a licence in Fermanagh means there is still a major threat to water resources in the entire region: