LE19: Live tallies and results from the Roscommon Count Centre


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Seventh Count, Boyle Electoral Area

The distribution of聽the votes of independent Andrew Reynolds (703).

Quota 1480
Seats to fill 3

Callaghan, Liam (FG)聽 1372 +154 1526

Crosby, Tom (IND) 1243 +178 1421

Murphy, Joe (FF) 1139 +115 1220

Suffin, Keith (FG) 955 +121 1076

Liam Clancy has reached the quota and is elected, followed by Tom Crosby and Joe Murphy.



Sixth聽Count, Boyle Electoral Area

The distribution of聽the votes of independent Saj Hussain’s聽(643 votes).

Quota 1480

Callaghan, Liam (FG)聽 1286聽 聽+86聽 聽1372
Crosby, Tom (IND)聽 聽 1139聽 聽+104聽 聽1243
Murphy, Joe (FF) 1076聽 聽+37聽 聽1113
Reynolds, Andrew (FG)聽 665聽 聽+38聽 聽703 ELIMINATED
Suffin, Keith (FG)聽 聽 897聽 聽+58聽 聽955

The 703 votes of eliminated Independent candidate Andrew Reynolds will now be distributed.


Fifth Count, Boyle Electoral Area

The distribution of聽the votes of Fianna Fail’s Aidan Sampey聽(561 votes).

Quota 1480

Callaghan, Liam (FG)聽 1114聽 聽+172聽 聽1286
Crosby, Tom (IND)聽 聽1109聽 聽+30聽 聽1139
Hussain, Saj (IND)聽 聽592聽 聽+51聽 聽643 ELIMINATED
Murphy, Joe (FF) 970聽 聽+106聽 聽1076
Reynolds, Andrew (FG)聽 652聽 聽+13聽 聽665
Suffin, Keith (FG)聽 聽 870聽 聽+27聽 聽897

The 643 votes of eliminated Independent candidate聽Saj Hussain will now be distributed.



Seventh Count, Athlone Electoral Area

The distribution of the 846 votes of聽FF Candidate Malachy Hand.

Fallon, Laurence (IND):聽 1159聽 聽+48聽 聽1307 ELECTED
Kelly, S茅amus (FF):聽 935聽 聽+123聽 聽1058
Keogh, John (FF):聽 1262聽 聽+221聽 聽1483 ELECTED
Kilduff, D贸nal (IND):聽 1134聽 聽+130聽 聽1264 ELECTED

Fianna Fail’s John Keogh was elected having exceeded聽the quota of 1,412 and because there was only one additional candidate remaining and no available surplus to materially change the result, both Independent candidates Laurence Fallon and Donal Kilduff were deemed elected without having reached the quota.


All six seats have been filled in the Athlone area. Just two remaining in Boyle as people now filter out of the Hyde Centre.


Fourth Count, Boyle Electoral Area

The distribution of聽the votes of Independent Mary O’Donnell聽(148 votes).

Quota 1480

Callaghan, Liam (FG)聽 1113聽 聽+1聽 聽1114
Crosby, Tom (IND)聽 聽1082聽 聽+27聽 聽1109
Hussain, Saj (IND)聽 聽562聽 聽+30聽 聽592
Murphy, Joe (FF) 965聽 聽+5聽 聽970
Reynolds, Andrew (FG)聽 643聽 聽+9聽 聽652
Sampey, Aidan (FF)聽 聽556聽 聽+5聽 聽561聽 ELIMINATED
Suffin, Keith (FG)聽 聽 851聽 聽+19聽 聽870

The 561 votes of eliminated Fianna Fail candidate聽Aidan Sampey will now be distributed.


Sixth Count, Athlone Electoral Area

The distribution of the 496 votes of聽FG Candidate Ger Grehan.

Fallon, Laurence (IND):聽 1063聽 聽+96聽 聽1159
Hand, Malachy (FF): 804聽 +42聽 聽846 ELIMINATED
Kelly, S茅amus (FF):聽 聽 768聽 聽+167聽 聽935
Keogh, John (FF):聽 1197聽 聽+65聽 聽1262
Kilduff, D贸nal (IND):聽 聽 1098聽 聽+36聽 聽1134

The distribution of聽846 votes of eliminated FF candidate Malachy Hand聽will take place next.


Fifth Count, Athlone Electoral Area

The distribution of the 416 votes of Sinn F茅in Candidate Joe Harney.

Fallon, Laurence (IND):聽 1021聽 聽+42聽 聽1063
Grehan, Ger (FG): 479聽 聽+17聽 聽496 ELIMINATED
Hand, Malachy (FF): 780聽 聽+24聽 聽804
Kelly, S茅amus (FF):聽 聽750聽 聽+18聽 聽768
Keogh, John (FF):聽 1120聽 聽+77聽 聽1197
Kilduff, D贸nal (IND):聽 聽1002聽 聽+96聽 聽1098

The distribution of聽 496 votes of eliminated FG candidate Ger Grehan will take place next.



Third Count, Boyle Electoral Area

The distribution of聽the聽surplus of聽Valerie Byrne (161 votes).

Quota 1480

Callaghan, Liam (FG)聽 1066聽 聽+47聽 聽1066
Crosby, Tom (IND)聽 聽1054聽 聽+28聽 聽1082
Hussain, Saj (IND)聽 聽 552聽 聽+10聽 聽562
Mulligan, Michael Patrick (SF) 1477聽 聽+12聽 聽1489 ELECTED
Murphy, Joe (FF) 937聽 聽+28聽 聽965
O’Donnell, Mary (IND)聽 聽 137聽 聽+11聽 聽148 ELIMINATED
Reynolds, Andrew (FG)聽 618聽 聽+25聽 聽643
Sampey, Aidan (FF)聽 聽554聽 聽+2聽 聽556
Suffin, Keith (FG)聽 聽 843聽 聽+8聽 聽851

Michael Patrick Mulligan of Sinn F茅in has been deemed elected – with a surplus of nine votes. As it would not make a material difference, the 148 votes of eliminated independent candidate Mary O’Donnell will now be distributed.


Fourth Count, Athlone Electoral Area

The distribution of the 179 surplus votes of Independent Candidate聽Ivan Connaughton.

Fallon, Laurence (IND): 941聽 聽+80聽 聽1021
Grehan, Ger (FG): 469聽 聽+8聽 聽479
Hand, Malachy (FF): 756聽 聽+24聽 聽780
Harney, Joe (SF): 410聽 聽+6聽 聽416 ELIMINATED
Kelly, S茅amus (FF):聽 737聽 聽+13聽 聽750
Keogh, John (FF): 1102聽 聽+18聽 聽1120
Kilduff, D贸nal (IND):聽 972聽 聽+30聽 聽1002

The distribution of聽 416聽votes of eliminated candidate Joe Harney will take place next.


The new councillors representing the Roscommon Electoral Area have been elected! They are:

Paschal Fitzmaurice, FF
Anthony Tony Waldron, IND
Kathleen Shanagher, IND
Nigel Dineen, IND
Orla Leyden, FF
Marty McDermott, FF


Fifth and Final Count, Roscommon Electoral Area

The distribution of聽726 votes聽following the elimination of聽Independent Candidate Dominick Connolly.聽

Coffey, Gerry (FG)聽 聽978聽 聽+96聽 聽1074
Dineen, Nigel (IND)聽 1414聽 聽+128聽 聽1542
Leyden, Orla (FF)聽 1287聽 聽+182聽 聽1469
McDermott, Marty (FF)聽 聽1234聽 聽+160聽 聽1394

As there is just one more candidate than the number of seats remaining and no remaining surplus that would materially affect the result, Returning Officer Shane Tiernan declared Fianna F谩il party colleagues Orla Leyden and Marty McDermott elected without reaching the quota.


Third Count, Athlone Electoral Area

The distribution of the 76 votes of Independent Candidate聽Derek McCabe

Fallon, Laurence (IND):聽928聽 聽+13聽 聽941
Grehan, Ger (FG): 469 + 2聽 聽469
Hand, Malachy (FF): 752聽 聽+4聽 聽756
Harney, Joe (SF): 405聽 聽+5聽 聽410
Kelly, S茅amus (FF): 734聽 聽+3聽 聽737
Keogh, John (FF):聽1096聽 聽+ 6聽 聽1102
Kilduff, D贸nal (IND):聽955聽 聽+17聽 聽972

The distribution of Ivan Connaughton’s surplus of 179 votes will take place next.


Second聽Count, Boyle Electoral Area

The distribution of聽the聽surplus of John Cummins (644 votes).

Quota 1480

Callaghan, Liam (FG)聽 聽1000聽 聽+66聽 聽1066
Crosby, Tom (IND)聽 聽1017聽 聽+ 37聽 聽1054
Hussain, Saj (IND)聽 聽527聽 聽+25聽 聽552
Mulligan, Michael Patrick (SF) 1431聽 聽+46聽 聽1477
Murphy, Joe (FF)聽 聽803聽 聽+134聽 聽 937
O’Donnell, Mary (IND)聽 聽119聽 聽+18聽 聽137
Reynolds, Andrew (FG) 584聽 聽+34聽 聽618
Sampey, Aidan (FF) 491聽 聽+63聽 聽554
Suffin, Keith (FG)聽 聽622聽 聽 +221聽 聽843

The surplus of Valerie Byrne 161 votes will now be distributed.


Counters have taken a break for lunch here at the Hyde Centre.

8 seats have been filled, so far, on the new Roscommon County Council.聽


Fourth Count, Roscommon Electoral Area

The distribution of 585 votes聽following the elimination of S茅amus O’Brien of Sinn F茅in.聽

Coffey, Gerry (FG)聽 聽934聽 聽+44聽 聽978
Connolly, Dominick (IND) 673 聽+53聽 聽726
Dineen, Nigel (IND) 1203 +211 1414
Leyden, Orla (FF) 1247 +40聽 聽1287
McDermott, Marty (FF) 1203聽 聽+31聽 聽1234

Independent聽Candidate聽Dominick Connolly has now been eliminated and聽his 726 votes will now be redistributed.


Announcement of Results and Election of John Cummins and Valerie Byrne




First Count, Boyle Electoral Area

Total Electorate: 18037
Total Poll 10560
Invalid Papers 201
Valid Poll 10359
Quota 1480

Byrne, Valerie (IND)聽 聽1641 ELECTED
Callaghan, Liam (FG)聽 聽1000
Crosby, Tom (IND)聽 聽1017
Cummins, John (FF)聽 聽2124 ELECTED
Hussain, Saj (IND)聽 聽527
Mulligan, Michael Patrick (SF) 1431
Murphy, Joe (FF)聽 聽803
O’Donnell, Mary (IND)聽 聽119
Reynolds, Andrew (FG) 584
Sampey, Aidan (FF) 491
Suffin, Keith (FG)聽 聽622

Fianna F谩il candidate John Cummins and Independent candidate Valerie Byrne have been elected for Boyle on the first count. The surplus of John Cummins 644 vote will now be distributed


Second Count, Athlone Electoral Area

The distribution of the surplus of Independent Candidate Tony Ward 452 votes.

Fallon, Laurence (IND): 815聽 +113聽 聽928
Grehan, Ger (FG): 447聽 聽+22聽 聽469
Hand, Malachy (FF): 663聽 聽+89聽 聽752
Harney, Joe (SF): 379聽 聽+26聽 聽405
Kelly, S茅amus (FF): 704聽 聽+30聽 聽734
Keogh, John (FF): 1,010聽 聽+86聽 聽1096
Kilduff, D贸nal (IND): 879聽 聽+76聽 聽955
McCabe, Derek (IND): 66聽 聽+10聽 聽76 ELIMINATED

No candidate has been elected and Returning Officer Shane Tiernan has decided to proceed with eliminations – Independent candidate Derek McCabe has been eliminated and his 76 votes will now take place.



Celebrations as two more candidates elected on the third count at the Hyde Centre in Roscommon



Third Count, Roscommon Electoral Area

The distribution of 291 votes聽following the elimination of聽John Groarke (IND) and Padraig Morris (IND).聽

Coffey, Gerry (FG)聽 聽892聽 聽+42聽 聽934
Connolly, Dominick (IND) 647聽 聽+26聽 聽673
Dineen, Nigel (IND) 1159聽 聽+44聽 聽1203
Leyden, Orla (FF) 1241聽 聽+6聽 聽1247
McDermott, Marty (FF) 1195 +8聽 聽1203
O’Brien, S茅amus (SF) 534聽 聽+51聽 聽585 ELIMINATED
Shanagher, Kathleen (IND) 1469 +13聽 聽1482 ELECTED
Waldron, Anthony Tony (IND)聽 聽1426 + 67聽 聽1493 ELECTED

Candidates Kathleen Shanagher (IND) and Anthony Tony Waldron (IND) become the second and third candidates to be elected in the Roscommon EA.聽Candidate S茅amus O’Brien of Sinn F茅in聽has now been eliminated and聽his 585聽votes will now be redistributed.


Second Count, Roscommon Electoral Area

The distribution of Fianna F谩il’s Paschal Fitzmaurice’s surplus of 486 votes.

Coffey, Gerry (FG) + 49聽 聽892
Connolly, Dominick (IND) +13聽 聽647
Dineen, Nigel (IND) +157聽 聽1159
Groarke, John (IND) +5聽 聽81 ELIMINATED
Leyden, Orla (FF) +42聽 聽1241
McDermott, Marty (FF) +22聽 聽1195
Morris, Padraig (IND) +25聽 聽210 ELIMINATED
O’Brien, S茅amus (SF) +71聽 聽534
Shanagher, Kathleen (IND) +9聽 聽1469
Waldron, Anthony Tony (IND) +93聽 聽1426

Candidates John Groarke (IND) and Padraig Morris (IND) have now both been eliminated and their combined total of 291 votes will now be redistributed.



Second count done in the Roscommon area, but none of the candidates have reached the quota so five seats remain to be filled.聽

12.59pm Tony Ward, Ivan Connaughton and John Naughten聽

12.44pm Celebrations in the Hyde as candidates deemed elected


Results of first count in Athlone have come in, with three sitti g Cou follows retaining their seats.


Here are the full figures from the first count in the Athlone area.

Connaughton, Ivan (IND): 1,591 ELECTED

Fallon, Laurence (IND): 815

Grehan, Ger (FG): 447

Hand, Malachy (FF): 663

Harney, Joe (SF): 379

Kelly, S茅amus (FF): 704

Keogh, John (FF): 1,010

Kilduff, D贸nal (IND): 879

McCabe, Derek (IND): 66

Naughton, John (FG): 1,465 ELECTED

Ward, Tony (IND): 1,864 ELECTED

As they have exceeded the quota, Tony Ward, Ivan Connaughton and John Naughton have been elected.


Here’s latest from the Hyde. We expect an announcement on Athlone and Roscommon soon.


Shannonside FM catching up with the first councillor elected in County Roscommon.


First count results from the Roscommon area.




Good morning and welcome back to the live blog from the Roscommon Count Centre at the Hyde in Roscommon Town.聽

It’s day two and time for the count to finally get underway.聽

The first succesful candidate in the Roscommom electoral area will be seated within the next half hour – with sitting Fianna F谩il councillor Paschal Fitzmaurice likely to retain his seat. He received 1972 votes in yesterday’s final tally.聽


People are filtering out of the Hyde Centre now, as we’re into the last half hour of the night.


Adjudicating of doubtful votes will finish up at 1 o’clock, with quite a large number coming through.


We have an announcement in the Roscommon Count Centre.



Analysis continues at the Roscommon Count Centre as we await an announcement of the results of the first count.




The count has begun in the Roscommon Count Centre.

First off, votes are sorted and then, it turns to the actual count. But the first result isn’t expected any time soon, so Roscommon football supporters can rest assured and focus their attention on the Connacht Senior Championship clash with Mayo!




We delve into deeper analysis here at the Hyde Centre as we await the result of the divorce referendum and the counting in the local elections.


Crowds have cleared here in the Roscommon Count Centre after the final tally, and attention now turns to the referendum.



The tallying is over here at the Hyde Centre. Counting is unlikely to commence until well into the evening.


We’ve got our hands on the full tally figures at the Hyde Centre.

In the Boyle electoral area, Cummins has a significant lead (2124), followed by Valerie Byrne (1627), and Mulligan (1446).

Over to the Roscommon and Paschal Fitzmaurice has topped the tally (1972), Kathleen Shanagher follows (1445), and Tony Waldron follows (1332).

While in the Athlone area, Tony Ward leads the way (1864), then there’s Ivan Connaughton (1587), and coming in third in the final tally is Fine Gael’s John Naughton (1447).


Progress is being made on the tallies at Roscommon’s Count Centre at the Hyde – just a few remaining boxes to come from Boyle.



With just the Kiltoom box in the Athlone electoral area to be tallied, it appears that councillors Tony Ward, Ivan Connaughton, John Naughten and John Keogh will retain their seats. The last two seats will be fought out between four candidates – Cllr. Laurence Fallon and newcomers D贸nal Kilduff, S茅amus Kelly and Malachy Hand.

The big story in Roscommon is that sitting councillor Dominic Connolly looks unlikely to return to the county council, with Fianna F谩il expected to take three seats in the area. Councillors Paschal Fitzmaurice, Orla Leyden and newcomer Marty McDermott polling very well. Former councillor Tony Waldron will also make headlines with a phenomenal 1227 votes, poised with a return to the county council. Independent Kathleen Shanagher will also return with over 1300 votes. The battle for the last seat is between Fine Gael’s Gerry Coffey and sitting councillor Nigel Dineen.

In Boyle, only just over half the tallies are in. Sitting councillors John Cummins, Michael Mulligan and Valerie Byrne lead the poll. Current councillor Liam Callaghan is likely to take a seat.


The latest figures coming in at the Roscommon Count Centre.



An indication of the European polls in the Hyde.


49 boxes in total have been opened here in Roscommon.


Tune in NOW for a detailed breakdown of the latest tally from the Roscommon, Athlone and Boyle electoral areas.



Here’s the latest tally in County Roscommon.

In the Athlone electoral area, 6 boxes are tallied with John Naughten leading on 23.25%; Ivan Connaughton at 21.28%; and Tony Ward at 14.29%.
In the Roscommon LEA, 10 boxes are tallied and sitting councillors Orla Leyden (10.72%), Paschal Fitzmaurice (21.52%); and Kathleen Shanagher (12.82%) all maintaining their vote – Tony Waldron is also making an impact in Roscommon town and the outer areas of Castlerea with 12.31% overall at the moment.
In Boyle, just 3 boxes have been tallied, with John Cummins and Tom Crobsy taking a vote
from their local boxes.


Senator Terry Leyden joins us for some analysis of the early tallies.


The first breakdown of the boxes gives a clearer indication from across the county in the first tally of the morning. Beware those with bad eyesight – the small print doesn’t make it easy to read!


The first indication of tallies from the Roscommon Count Centre – John Naughton is topping the Athone LEA; Paschal Fitzmaurice looks like he’s leading in the Roscommon LEA; and Crosby in the Boyle LEA.


Tallying is well underway here at the Hyde Centre – sense of anticipation in the air as we try to get an idea of where votes will go.聽



Good morning and welcome to the Shannonside FM Live tallies and results centre from the Hyde Centre.

Polls closed last night at 10pm and boxes are opened this morning from 9am.

Join our Shannonside FM team live on air from 9am with Joe Finnegan and guests and online throughout the day for all the latest breaking news and developments from the Roscommon Count.

There will also be live updates on Twitter and on Facebook so you won’t miss a thing as the 18 seats on Roscommon County Council are filled in Election ’19