Inspiration for ‘Choco-Latte’ came to Roscommon boy during a coffee break

A Roscommon student has said the inspiration for his “Cadbury’s Invention” came to him in the midst of a coffee break during his summer job last year.

The seven teen year old Callum Clogher from Dysart in county Roscommon created a coffee and biscuit flavored chocolate bar which he titled “Choco-latte”.

As a shortlisted contestant in the ‘Cadbury’s Invention Competition’ he described how he wanted the chocolate bar to taste and smell.


When he was selected as a finalist the budding chocolatier student was flown the the Bourneville Cadbury factory in England where he taste-tested prototypes for his bar before choosing the one that he was happy with.

Callum’s bar and that of the other two UK based finalists will hit the shelves for a limited time only and the one that gets the most votes will stay in stock.

Callum Clogher described the bar to the Let’s Talk show this afternoon.