Inquest hears man found dead in Boyle had arrived in Roscommon only hours earlier

A preliminary inquest has been opened into the death of an English man found dead in his car in Boyle earlier this month.

Ipswich native Karl Williams was found unresponsive in his vehicle outside the site of the Boyle primary care centre just hours after arriving in Ireland on the fifth of July this year.



At Roscommon coroner’s court, a statement given by Simon Velona, a work colleague of the late Karl Williams was read into the record.

Both men had travelled to Ireland via ferry from Holyhead to deliver beds to the centre and were employees of Plinth Medical based in Suffolk in England.

After arriving in Dublin the men travelled in convoy and arrived into Boyle at approximately 2.15am and slept in their respective vehicles.

When Mr Velona woke at 6.45am, he also tried to wake his colleague but found no response from the other vehicle.

Eventually, Mr Velona was able to make his way into the unlocked vehicle and he discovered Mr Williams slumped over into the footwell of the passenger side.

Attempts were made to resuscitate Mr Williams which proved unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead at 8.26am.

Sgt Michael Byrne explained preliminary finding from the pathologist following a post-mortem indicated the cause of death pending microscopic examination to be profound hypoglycemia in the context of diabetes mellitus.

A full inquest into the circumstances surrounding Mr Williams death is likely to be held later this year.