Fr Niall Molloy’s nephew confirms Garda files into his death won’t be released

The campaign to find the truth into the murder of Father Niall Molloy is being met with another closed door.

The Justice for Father Niall Molloy group has received confirmation that no garda documents related to the case will be released to the national archives under the 30 year rule.

Father Molloy was found dead in the home of his friends Therese Flynn and her husband Richard in Clara, Co Offaly in July 1985.

Richard Flynn was charged with Father Molloy’s manslaughter, but acquitted after the jury was directed by the judge to find the defendant not guilty.

The family have sought answers from investigations into the case and a GSOC report published 18 months ago, found that “many original documents including exhibits are missing”, with no record for who handled the exhibits and who may have been responsible for them now being lost.

In November 2018, the Justice Minister said that the Gardai were due to make a statement on the report over a year later, the family have received nothing.

Now, Father Molloy’s nephew Bill Maher received word that no gardai records will be made available to the national archives under the 30-year rule.

Bill says he has asked for particular records to be published but is receiving mixed messages.

He now maintains there is a cover-up at the highest level: