Farmers warned about spraying weedkiller near River Suck

Farmers in the catchment area of the River Suck in Roscommon and Galway are being reminded to be extra careful when they’re spraying using pesticides on land.

It follows Irish Water reporting an increase in exceedance readings for pesticides in the Ballinasloe Regional Water Supply.

It follows on from similar readings in the same supply last year.


The Ballinasloe supply takes its water from the River Suck.

The two above limit detections were made in the last month and users of pesticides in the area are being warned that the supply scheme could be put on the EPA Remedial Action List if there are two more similar readings in the future.

The regulations on pesticide are so stringent that a single drop is enough to breach the drinking water limit in a small stream for up to 30 kilometres, and there is no threat to public health from the Ballinasloe readings.

Dr David McGilloway from the Department of Agriculture says the main part of their job is making farmers aware of what they need to do when they’re spraying, and there are penalties to be faced if they don’t comply.