ESB received several complaints from Shannonisde customers last year

The ESB advised that special guards would need to be installed to prevent outages in Roscommon as a result of swans earlier this year.

Details released to Shannonside FM reveal the detail of complaints made to ESB networks from residents in Longford and Roscommon in the last eight months.

One Strokestown resident complained that they were concerned about trees near their property and their proximity to wires.


They suggested that if the ESB did not cut down the trees, which were leading to outages, their son would do it himself.

The ESB advised against this .

A Longford resident complained to the ESB last year that crews had driven through his land to poles and had knocked down barbed wire and had “not bothered” to put it back up according to the complaint.

A Portahinch customer complained that they kept losing power due a fuse on a pole in field .

The ESB responded that there was a swan problem in the area and there is a large amount of network downstream of this which runs along the lake. We will need to patrol and fit game-guards in the correct locations to reduce the number of outage.

Another Roscommon customer complained that a scheduled outage was planned for Sunday and that as result of no electricity, the customer would have to go out to eat with children as it was a family day.

She queried why the outage was not scheduled during the week or a nigh and the ESB claimed that the work was carried out to accommodate a local school and that the work would be completed by 2pm.