Environment Minister defending nationwide ban on smoky coal

Environment Minister Denis Naughten is defending his plans to ban the use of smoky coal in households across the entire country from the latter end of next year.

The ban on the use of the coal has already been in place in Dublin for the past 27 years, where research has shown it resulted in 350 fewer deaths per year throughout the city.

The ban was extended to cover another 25 larger urban areas around the country over the last several years, but smaller towns and rural areas were not included before now.


Smokeless coal is more expensive than smoky but Minister Naughten says research by his department shows that some coal burns for longer and that evens out the increase…


The Environment Minister says that apart from the obvious benefits to our air quality, the move also has huge health implications for children and older people with breathing problems and should result in less hospitalisation for these people during the winter months…