Cuisle campaigners hoping to organise protest outside IWA offices

Campaigners seeking an extraordinary general meeting of the Irish Wheelchair Association say they will organise a protest outside the head office of the organisation in the coming weeks.

There’s still anger among the community over the decision by the Board to close the National Holiday and Respite Centre in Roscommon this day last week.

The new campaign group the Irish Wheelchair Association EGM Open Forum, which is Facebook-based, handed in a petition today with 200 signatures seeking calling for a meeting to be convened.

They want to have the decision discussed with members, believing they have not been heard, and then ultimately reversed

However, it’s understood that up to 2,000 of the 20,000 IWA members would have to be on board to secure an EGM

Spokesperson for the group, Sean O’ Kelly says they are fighting for those who will not be able to use the hotel model.