Council demands work stops on Castlerea energy plant

Roscommon County Council has ordered that all works on the controversial waste-to-energy facility in west Roscommon be immediately stopped.

It claims unauthorised development has taken place on the €8 million ‘BioPark’.

Last year, Biocore Environmental, from Bray in Wicklow, started work on an anaerobic digester and other components of its waste-to-energy facility at Ballinphuill, Tibohine, Castlerea.


It’s understood construction was essentially complete.

However, after a complaint was made about the works to the council, the local authority has ordered that work be stopped.

It has issued what’s called a Section 154 enforcement notice, claiming unauthorised development has taken place on the site, with noncompliance with planning conditions.

In a notice issued on November 29th, the council ordered Biocore to cease all works on the site within 24 hours and remove all unauthorised elements on the site within 12 weeks.

The local authority has ordered the developer to reinstate the lands upon which the unauthorised development has taken place within 18 weeks.

Biocore was unavailable for comment this morning, while Martin Lydon, the council’s director of services for planning, confirms an enforcement notice has been issued and that it’s in contact with the company.

Tibohine Action Group, a local opposition group, says it is delighted that ‘justice has prevailed’, putting a halt to the development, but it says it will remain vigilant for further developments.

It also thanked the council for listening to the views of the group and taking heed of their complaints about alleged planning discrepancies.