Cllr. Michael Mulligan condemns anonymity of letter from dissatisfied residents of EROC centre, Ballaghaderreen

Councillor Michael Mulligan has condemned the anonymity of a letter of complaint written by refugees staying at the EROC centre in Ballaghdereen.

Syrian, Kurdish and Iraqi refugees penned a letter to the Department of Justice raising issue in a number of areas in the EROC centre, which houses refugees and asylum seekers in emergency accommodation.

Ballaghadereen-based Cllr. Mulligan has said that some of the language used to describe EROC staff as “disgraceful”.


Among complaints surrounding staff behavior, the letter also describes problems in accommodation saying there’s up to five people sharing one hotel room. Food quality, transport and support are also among the list of problems written by the residents.

This morning, the Department of Justice and Equality said they are taking the complaints seriously and they say that they regularly visit the EROC centre by appointment and unannounced.

Cllr. Mulligan says that despite the complaints about the facilities, at least the refugees are safe: