Campaign launched to save suckler industry and rural Ireland

Figures released from the Irish Farmers Journal show there are just over 100,000 suckler animals at present in the counties of Longford, Leitrim and Roscommon.

It’s part of a campaign called “Save Our Sucklers” launched last Thursday in an effort to protect the industry which is regarded as vital to the rural economy.

Adams Woods from Cavan who is a suckler farmer, and is Beef Editor with the Journal, says that there has been a decline of 6% over recent years in the suckler herds in Roscommon and Longford, with Leitrim showing a slower decline average of 4%.


Adam Woods though says there is a significant spin-off from every euro provided to suckler farmers and the number of almost 108,000 head of cattle shows how significant it is for the Shannonside region.