Bank of Ireland confirm significant staffing changes at Roscommon branches

Elphin councillor Valerie Byrne says she isn’t happy with plans by Bank of Ireland to change operations at the local branch.

The Bank has confirmed that several of their branches across the country, including at Elphin and Strokestown, are to lose the bank teller services at the counters.

Instead they say the branches will be adopting an “Advice and Self Service” model where staff will move from behind the counter onto the floor.

They say while foreign currency exchange and coin transaction services won’t be available anymore, people will be able to the self-service options in the bank.

Councillor Byrne says these changes are not fair to older people, and should be phased in far more gradually than is being proposed.

She also says there is a strong demand for the bank to provide an external ATM in the town but they have refused to provide this service so far: