Ballinasloe Councillor calls on Fine Gael to ensure Galway candidate contests General Election

Ballinasloe Fine Gael councillor Michael Finnerty is calling on party headquarters to ensure there is a Galway candidate chosen to run in the Roscommon Galway constituency in the next election.

He was speaking following Senator Maura Hopkins declaration that she wants to be the Roscommon candidate earlier this week.

Councillor Finnerty strongly criticised the party for running just one candidate last time out and he says it clearly didn’t work.

The county councillor says his argument that a Galway candidate must run in 2015 has been further strengthened by the boundary review since then which has moved even more of Galway into the constituency, and taken away part of Roscommon.

Michael Finnerty says he is interested in contesting a convention, but accepts he’ll be satisfied as long as someone from Galway is chosen…