Arigna people want guarantees that village will be returned to previous state post windfarm construction

The community in Arigna want “cast iron guarantees” that any damage or changes made during the construction of a windfarm in the area will be reinstated.

Derrysallagh Wind Farm plan to construct a new facility on the Arigna Valley.

To accommodate the transport of the turbines a number of infrastructural changes have taken place, including a raised road deck, temporary road closures and stone covering on the village playing field.


Local business man Bertand Dierken organised a meeting between the community and the company yesterday evening to improve communication between the parties.

Derrysallagh Wind-farm has apologised for making the infrastructural changes without consulting the people of Arigna and have promised to communicate a schedule of delivery in future.

Mr Dierkens says while he welcomes the improved communication from the company – he’s wants their promises in writing: