Annual Sliabh Bán pilgrimage takes place today

The annual pilgrimage on Sliabh Ban mountain in Roscommon takes place today.

The pilgrimage follows the route taken by monks who lived in an Abbey founded by St. Brendan and St. Faithleach in 520 A.D.

The Cloontuskert Abbey monks would lead their parishioners on a pilgrimage over Sliabh Bán to visit Lissonuffy Abbey which is on the west side of the mountain.

Following the same route, walkers today will make a gradual ascent up the ancient monastery track, pausing at the large Jubilee Cross on the peak of Sliabh Bán to offer prayers.

The journey down the western side of the mountain, will end at the ruins of Lissonuffy Abbey.

The event which starts at Curraghroe Church at half past two – takes two to three hours.