AGSI President says gardai feel in a difficult position when called to oversee evictions

The President of the Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors says they are hoping they will get better clarification on their role in working with the sheriff on evictions after their annual conference this week.

A motion seeking clarity for garda members who are called in by the sheriff when carrying out evictions has been put forward by members of the Roscommon division.

An eviction in Strokestown last December and a subsequent arson attack is still being investigated.


Sergeant Cormac Moylan from the Westmeath garda division who is President of the AGSI says members need to know better where they stand when it comes to going out to oversee evictions in the local areas.

Speaking on the Joe Finnegan show this morning, Sergeant Moylan says while he can’t talk about any one incident, he is aware that gardai feel they can be put in a very difficult position when they are called to some of these events.