2018 report highlights staffing and health care concerns at Castlerea Prison

A report into conditions at Castlerea prison has expressed concern over a lack of psychiatric cover for inmates.

The Visiting Committee report for 2018 also highlights issues with adequate staffing levels at the Roscommon facility.

Visiting committees are assigned to carry out visits at their nominated prison in order to assess workshops, education and health provisions for inmates.

According to the newly published 2018 report for Castlerea Prison, concern was expressed that staffing the level of 198, was below the agreed level of 215.

The committee noted there had been a reduction in attempted non-serious suicides, but no GP was assigned to the prison permanently – with the service for inmates provided by a locum.

The report also notes that there was no psychiatric consultant in place for 2018 and described the provision of “in-reach” psychiatric services as “urgent”.

The Committee praised the work of the chaplaincy service as well as the tuck shop and noted there were high standards in education, work and training provided to all prisoners.