Residents hopeful of solution to Lough Funshinagh flooding crisis ahead of Ministers’ OPW meeting

A south Roscommon man is hopeful agreement can finally be found to install a pipe to drain a flooded lake in the area.

Up to ten homes near Lough Funshinagh are in danger of flooding after torrential rain in the last 36 hours has caused the level of a flooded turlough to rise significantly.

According to local man Padraig Beattie, its current level is only two inches below the record water high set in April 2016.

Later today, The Minister for the OPW as well as the Agriculture Minister are to meet with local Oireachtas representatives to discuss a possible solution to the repeated flood incidents.

Last week the Dail heard that moving residents could cost up to €3million, but an overflow pipe, rejected as a solution by the OPW would only cost €1.3m.

Padraig is hopeful today’s meeting will bring some much needed good news for residents