Two tenants say Longford ‘too rough’ for council house

More than 28 per cent of social-housing offers made in the Longford town region this year have been refused – with two households claiming the area is ‘too rough’ and ‘not safe’.

One applicant rejected a house in Drumlish because she said she wouldn’t be allowed keep her two greyhounds at the property.

Details released under the Freedom of Information Act show 88 offers of social housing have been made by Longford County Council this year, with 78 accepted and ten rejected – a refusal rate of just over 11 per cent.


However, the level of refusals in the Longford town region is much higher, where nine of the 32 offers were turned down.

One applicant said they didn’t want to be housed in the area because they feel it’s ‘too rough’, while a woman refused because she claimed the area is ‘not safe for her family’.

A third household deemed the area unsuitable.

Local Fine Gael councillor Peggy Nolan thinks the refusal rate is unacceptable.

The only other refusal was from a woman who was offered a house in Drumlish, who claimed she has two greyhounds that she wouldn’t be able to keep at the property.

But the other 17 offers of housing in Drumlish were accepted, while there was a 100 per cent acceptance rate in several locations, including Ballymahon, Edgeworthstown and Granard.