Special event in Mullingar to make people aware of the dangers of blood clots

A special event is being held in Mullingar next Tuesday in an effort to make people more aware of the dangers of blood clots.

More people die each year from blood clots than from breast cancer, prostate cancer and road traffic accidents combined.

The event, in Mullingar, will take place in Austin Friar’s carpark in the town between 9am and 12pm, where people will be invited to listen to advice on board a special bus on the site.

Founder of Thrombosis Ireland, Ann Marie O’ Neill, wanted to make people aware of the dangers of blood clots, after she suffered two episodes which left her seriously ill.

She says part of next Tuesdays event will involve going to talk to medical staff at Mullingar hospital, as people need to be told they are at increased risk of blood clots after being in hospital for any significant period.