Report claims Longford man made “tragic error” crossing road in Canada which resulted in serious collision

A Longford man has been described as making a “tragic error” when he crossed a road in Canada which resulted in a collision with a vehicle driven by an off-duty police officer.

29-year-old Brendan Keogh suffered serious injuries in the collision on March 13th 2018 in Squamish – he died in an Irish hospital five months later as a result of the crash.

A report into the incident has found that the police officer will not face any charges resulting from the crash


The Independent Investigations Office of British Columbia launched this investigation as the vehicle which hit the 29-year-old Longford man was being driven by an off duty officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The investigation has found that the officer did not commit a criminal offence of dangerous driving causing death or bodily harm to the young Longford man.

The report claims the collision between the 29-year-old and the car occurred when the Longford man was near the centre of the southern crosswalk.

The vehicle approached the junction on a green light and it was estimated the vehicle was also below the recommended speed limit of the slow lane.

According to a witness who attended the scene after the collision, the officer told them that she “didn’t see anything coming at all, it was a complete surprise”.

The IIO investigation found the Longford man had made a “tragic error” when he crossed the highway against the traffic signal, at night, in the rain and was wearing dark clothes which the report notes would have made him difficult for a driver to see.

Responding to the report, his family claim that because the officer in question did not make a statement, they will never fully know what happened as Brendan is no longer with them and two parties to the incident have not made statements.

They also claim the report, in so far as it attributed any blame to Brendan is “meaningless” as the two central parties have not been heard and they have paid a tribute to him, describing him as a “wonderful brother” and tremendous loss to his family. ]